We have the ally support!  We are not alone in this fight…

It may seem like it’s impossible to win this fight, but with so much of our local community and other organizations in our corner, we have strength in numbers.  Something that we’ve heard lately is “but they have so much power.” They being the the owners and managers.  But what we want you to realize is YOU and US, ALL of us together have the power.  They don’t have a business without US!  Look at all of the support we have as strippers fighting this fight.  This is something we CAN do.  #StrippersUnite

The #MeToo Movement 

Communications Workers Association

5050 by 2020

Unite Here

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

The Black Sex Workers Collective


National Lawyers Guild

Donut Farm

UCLA Law and Labor and

Economic Justice Clinic

Sex Workers Outreach Project

Democratic Socialists of America

United Steel Workers

Asian Pacific American Coalition