Past Q&A Session on Soldiers of Pole IG LIVE
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Unemployment Info for Strippers
Unemployment Info for Strippers Nation-Wide
We found unemployment info for strippers in every state in America.  Scroll down to find your state, where to go
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strip talk
Information From Strip Talk: March 24, 2020
This information was all covered on the March 24, 2020 Town Hall Strip Talk.  This is nation-wide information and includes
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resources for local strippers
Covid-19: Resources for Local Californian Strippers (by major city or county)
This is information for major cities and areas in California.  Choose whichever you are in or are closest to to
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strippers coronavirus
Information for Strippers During Coronavirus Outbreak
What is there for strippers to do regarding the Coronavirus?  Even though we are being misclassified, illegally, we might add,
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cwa stripper union
CWA Takes on Stripper Union
We are proud to announce that CWA is absorbing our stripper union campaign!  This means that we are under their
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strippers unionize
Strippers And Giggers: Unionize Now by Antonia Crane
“I have seen stage poles break and fall from the ceiling, mid-song. I’ve seen a dancer collapse then convulse violently
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SoP: Din Din Movie Night – Live Nude Girls Unite
BUY TICKETS We will be hosting and showing the documentary ‘Live Nude Girls Unite’, the story told by Julia Query
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Op-Ed Piece by Elle Stanger – Strippers Cringe at J-Lo Super Bowl Performance
“ While many viewers and members of the media were impressed by the 50-year old entertainer, many actual pole dancing
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AB5 Positive – We Just Have to Educate Ourselves
Soldiers of Pole talked to Aída Chavez of The Interceptor about the positive affects of AB5 and the continuing abuse
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