We are working on providing as much resources as possible for strippers Nation-Wide…

CoronaVirus is affecting everyone, including strippers.  We are working as fast as we can to get you all the information you need during this time.  Now more than ever, being employees is a HUGE benefit.  Unfortunately, it’s only the state of California that formally consider strippers as employees, therefore they can file with more ease for things like paid sick leave and unemployment.  We are working on getting information on your rights for those of you in other states.  This page will be regularly updated with new information as we continue on through this crisis.  

CLICK HERE or the image below to find info listed on March 24, 2020 Town Hall Strip Talk with NatsHoney.

CLICK HERE or the image below to find info state by state on how and where to file for unemployment.

Click on the banner above to get information from CWA (our union partner) if you are a non-union workers. This is if you are an employee or a misclassified worker, which all strippers across the country are.  Every employer of a strip club is misclassifying you if you are working as an Independent Contractor.  Now, more than ever, the violation of your rights are costing you big time.  Click the banner or Click Here to learn about what you can do to protect yourself and your fellow workers.


The following two videos are for filing for unemployment in California.  HOWEVER, this could help you with filing in other states as most of these types of sites are very similar.  So still watch it if you are in a different state.