We are proud to announce that CWA is absorbing our stripper union campaign!  This means that we are under their umbrella, however, we still will have the freedom to operate with our own ways of being.  We all know our workforce is very different than most other work forces.  We want you to know that just because we are under their umbrella, we are not bound to do things 100% their way.  Keep reading to see the announcement made recently about our movement.  

“Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 9003 stands proudly with California Strippers as they organize to end abusive, discriminatory and exploitative labor practices in strip clubs. By supporting and endorsing Soldiers of Pole, we believe that together we can end the stigma that has prevented strippers from building alliances with labor unions and end the misogyny that casts them aside in most labor discussions. CWA Local 9003 and Soldiers of Pole join in solidarity to accomplish our goals of equality and labor rights for all strippers—not only in California—but in every strip club in America.” 

This was announced recently on our local CWA’s websiteWe are in the process of getting serious funding to be able to move through this time and get our campaign really going.  The amount of work being done now is immense and is mostly done completely free by our team.  Working with a larger union gives us access to a group of people who have experience and resources.