Our goal is to quiet the misconceptions we see time and time again on social media regarding the rewritten classification laws.  By explaining stripper laws, we hope to make it more understandable.  There is a lot of rumors going around, there is a lot of misinformation being given to you by the owners and/or managers of your club(s). It can get pretty confusing and, quite honestly, scary.  Change is scary, but it is upon us.  This period in time we are going through is revolutionary.  We are in a position to make working conditions better for all the strippers that will follow in our footsteps.  Not just here in California, but across the country.  

Did Soldiers of Pole write and implement AB5?  

  • No, we did not.  Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez wrote and lobbied for this law.  We are major supporters because it puts strippers in a more powerful position.
  • To learn more about AB 5, click here.


If I’m an employee now, can’t my boss tell me what to wear, who to talk to, who to lap dance for?  

  • Well, they always told us what to wear.  Example, at some strip clubs, it was rule to wear only long gowns or skirts on the floor.  They’re not allowed to do that if you are an IC, but they do it anyway.  
  • As an employee, you can unionize and negotiate your contract in regards to how much control they have over what you wear.
  • It’s unethical for them to tell you that you HAVE to lap dance for someone you don’t want to.  
  • As an employee, you can unionize and negotiate your contract in regards to potential guidelines such as that, to make it not only about ethics, but about contract violations as well.  Which can then be reported with legal action being held against them. 


As an employee, won’t I have less write offs and therefore more taxes?

  • Taxes are taken out of your paychecks.  If the club is abiding by the law, you are already paying taxes that way.
  • It is true you won’t be able to write as much off if the one job is your only job and you do not have an Independent Contractor business license for any other type of self-employment work.  However, as mentioned above, your taxes will be coming out of your paycheck from now on, if your club is complying and paying you wages. 
  • If a tax accountant is telling you that you will pay more as an employee, you should probably find another accountant.


What about my schedule?  Don’t they have more control of when I come and go? 

  • In our experience, strippers are being penalized for missing shifts or being late.  As of now, they ARE already controlling your schedule.  Considering you are currently classified as an IC, they are violating that agreement.  
  • The answer is, NO, they will not have more control.  They will have the same amount of control they have now. The difference is, you won’t get penalized for calling out sick, leaving because you just need a mental break.  
  • As an employee, you can unionize and negotiate your contract around having flexible scheduling and basic human needs to take breaks from work.  


What will happen to the undocumented workers under this new law structure? 

  • Technically employers can’t start checking people’s immigration status or firing them based on it during a union election but if they do the worker doesn’t even get back wages.
  • It’s more of an organizing question about how a union campaign can protect its undocumented workers than a legal question at the end of the day. There are things the campaign can do. There is also a lot we can do once we win the union and get a contract
  • Check this link to get more info on this topic:  https://www.unitehereimmigration.org/about-unite-here/workplace-protections-for-immigrant-workers/


I’m worried my personal info will be more public if I’m classified as an employee

  • Your information is just as safe now as it was before.  That will not change.  If they are telling you any different, they are not being truthful or they are uniformed.  

Don’t they have all the power in this situation?  

  • As a union, NO, they do not.  
  • If you continue to look out for yourself and do not unify with your co-workers, then YES.  
  • They are scared that you will find out that, collectively, you are the most powerful threat they are up against.  It’s VERY difficult to win against a committed, fearless union of workers.  

But I am/we are so scared…

  • Consider that it has only gotten worse over the last couple of decades for us.  What is at stake if we don’t step through the other side of fear?  How much worse are we willing to let it get? 
  • If you are scared but tired of this mess, call some of your co-workers and consider requesting a club meeting with Soldiers of Pole.

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