1. We believe strippers are sex workers and sex workers are strippers.

2. We believe that changing language around stripping and sex work is the springboard to squashing stigma and reorganizing power structures that historically dehumanize our workforce

3. We believe that this current legislation has a vendetta against strippers and all sex workers due to SESTA/FOFSTA and other bills that have passed. We believe that this administration’s wish is that strippers vanish into glitter dust. In response, we intend to make ourselves bigger, louder and more flamboyant. We stand together on clear stilettos.

4. We acknowledge that black stripper culture is the genesis of stripping.

5. We prioritize immigrant workers among us.

6. We demand all feminists be held accountable and be in support of all strippers and stripper culture immediately— that their supportive actions are loud and clear.

7. We keep in mind a core value of “Strippers Lifting Other Strippers” in all of our interactions and refuse to participate in any gossip or trash talking of any strippers or sex worker to that end. We utilize the tenants of nonviolent communication.

8. Although our histories and lifestyles look different, we believe that we must come together and stand together to fight stigma, racism, misogyny, ageism and classism.

9. We fight for strippers to be at the center of all stripper narratives. Stripper culture needs to be credited, valued and celebrated largely and widely.

10. Pole dancing was created by strippers and we live by this creed.

11. In the spirit of sharing resources, we believe in the core values of generosity and sisterhood with the understanding of a legacy of oppression of certain groups.

12. We believe that now is the time for all baby strippers, baby vets, veteran strippers and all dancers of all colors and ages to unify against oppression now.

13. Many things define us, but we wish to create a welcoming space for the most marginalized among us. LGBTQ, GNC (gender non-conforming) and other-abled strippers are encouraged to be out, loud, proud and are to be supported and celebrated 24/7.