This is a comedy pop up strip club, but we can’t call it that to the public, but that is literally what it is.  So, it’s a comedy show with pole dancing and strippers.  All ticket proceeds to towards the rental fee for the space and Soldiers of Pole. Even the event organizers are NOT getting paid. 

We are working with Jacq The Stripper, as she is our host of the show. It will be an hour and 45 minute long event with various acts from local Los Angeles strippers.  This is an extremely diverse show!

Tipping is encouraged and allowed, there will be lap dances allowed. There will be lap dance break songs, so bring your 20’s to get your lap dances! 

The show will start at 8:00 p.m. Sharp!

We are encouraging sex workers to attend as audience members and all other walks of life to attend as well. This is a very body positive very gender positive and all inclusive type of event.