Request a meeting with Soldiers of Pole to find out how your club can begin to organize.  If you have four or more dancers that want to meet, we can have a lawyer present to answer any legal questions.  

Only groups of four or more will be granted a full Soldiers of Pole meeting upon request.  There are no other requirements other than we request you respect everyone’s time and show up and are prompt.  Please do not schedule a meeting with us if you are on the fence.  We have to coordinate to find private and safe meeting places that are in your area.  

Please fill out the form and someone will get back to you ASAP.  Please allow at least 3 – 5 business days for someone to get back to you.  If time is of the essence, please follow up your request with an email to with the word URGENT in the subject line.  

Thank you! 

Stage name or at least first name. Last name is optional.
Not where you live, but where your club lives.
Minimum of 4 dancers willing to meet. Any less than that we can set up a coffee or phone date with one of our organizers.
Check any and all that works for you
Please provide all info pertaining to the different ways of contacting you.