Soldiers of Pole Stripper Law Videos

There are so many nuances to the law, but when it comes to dancing, stripper law can seem convoluted.  That’s because as strippers, we have been in the dark about how we should have been treated this whole time.  Remember the time you asked to go home early because you had your period and cramps?  But they said to you “Just stay for another 2 hours or get another 10 dances, which ever comes first.”  Well, as an Independent Contractor, that is a violation of that contract. As Independent Contractors, we never had to ask and we never had to stay.  But we all know, if we didn’t, they would punish us somehow.  All of those things are illegal and violations.  This is why time and time again, strippers have won so many class action law suits.

Being an employee means you can UNIONIZE.  Unionizing means you can negotiate for a contract to have what you want.  Start to imagine your dream situation.  What would be your stripper law for your club?  You have the power to set a precedent!  But we have to unite.  Please click through to more learning links.