Around the last week of March 2020, AM Davies, the coordinator of Soldiers of Pole, live streamed on her Instagram account for five nights in a row and raised $1050.00 for out of work strippers.  She donated 100% of the money to a group of anonymous strippers.  It went so well that we at Soldiers of Pole decided to duplicate “$tripping for $trippers.”  We have booked eight strippers who will be going live each day of the week on their IG home accounts every week for the entire month of April, starting Friday, April 3, 2020.  (Scroll down to see the weekly schedule)

100% of donations will be going to Soldiers Of Pole, who will be dispersing the money to disadvantaged dancers, sw/strippers who are experiencing  financial hardship due to Covid-19. We are focusing on undocumented workers and workers in states that are being denied federal and state benefits due to sex work discrimination.  What can you do? 

• Share our online pop up 7 day a week strip club posts on IG @soldiers_of_pole_

• Donate any thing you can, even if it’s only $20 session

• Donate by going to and click the pink DONATE button on the home page

Nominate strippers that you know that are struggling right now.

• Volunteer to be a stand in for any strippers stripping who may need to take a night off due to getting sick or having an emergency. (Email or DM IG @soldiers_of_pole_)