#StrippingForStrippers kicked off on April 3, 2020.  This is where strippers nominate each other to receive resources from this fundraiser. The goal:  to raise money via SoldiersOfPole.com/Donate to be have funds to send to strippers in America most affected by the current pandemic.  Some workers are undocumented and have much less options than those of us who are citizens.  Furthermore, it has been revealed that in the state of Nevada, legal sex workers are being denied benefits.  100% of the donations we collect in the name of Stripping for Strippers goes to the people you nominate.

After you nominate yourself or another stripper, the Soldiers of Pole team will review your application.  As a team, we will vote on where the money goes.  We will send out money at the end of the month after we have tallied how much we raised.  If it’s super urgent, we will decide whether or not to send sooner.  Thank you for participating!  Have any questions?  Contact us directly. 

Undocumented workers, unqualified workers (for UI benefits). Tell us what they need the most and why in 100 words or less.